Traveling in Canada, my grandparents, and Rexall Place

I’m not posting as much these few days but my blogging vacation is for a good cause. On Monday I piled my wife and kids in a rental car and headed up to Canada so that they could meet my two grandmothers for the first time, see some of my extended family, and discover the land from which I came so long ago (I was born in Alberta and lived in British Columbia until age 5).

I am so grateful to both of my grandmothers (and their husbands, neither of whom are now living) for the legacy of faith and wisdom that they passed on to my parents, who in turn passed on that legacy to me. My paternal grandmother (Grandma) is 97 and has seen so much. She is still mentally quite sharp and nicely beat us at several board games while we were with her. My maternal grandmother (Oma) is 83 and has experienced numerous painful tragedies during her years. Despite complications from a  severe head injury she sustained in a car accident approximately 15 years ago, I am grateful to God that she remembered me and was able to enjoy seeing my wife children.

Aside from the priceless treasure of meeting the women to whom I and my family owe so much, one of the great highlights of the trip was our little pilgrimage to Rexall Place, the place where the Edmonton Oilers play and the building in which Wayne Gretzky and his teammates made so much history. A friendly security guard gave us a tour of the building, and we were able to stand in the middle of the rink and look up at the banners and retired jerseys, as well as sit on the Oilers bench. It is amazing how small and intimate that building is compared to other NHL stadiums. It is the only old-school hockey arena left in the NHL, and the Oilers won’t be playing there for much longer.

The drives have been long and the visits short; I think we are all quite exhausted. But it has been good to honor those who deserve so much honor, while adding in the fun of showing my son where the Oilers play. I’ll return to blogging on Monday.


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Matthew J. Tuininga is the Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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