African Americans Lagging in New York City

According to the New York Times:

For months now, New York officials have been highlighting how the city has regained all the jobs lost during the long recession and then some. But by several measures, the city’s recovery has left black New Yorkers behind.

More than half of all of African-Americans and other non-Hispanic blacks in the city who were old enough to work had no job at all this year, according to an analysis of employment data compiled by the federal Labor Department. And when black New Yorkers lose their jobs, they spend a full year, on average, trying to find new jobs — far longer than New Yorkers of other races.

Black Americans have been harder hit by the economic crisis and the Great Recession than has any other American group, and the reasons why explain a lot about the ongoing significance of race in American society and politics. Conservatives don’t like to explore these complex issues very much, but they need to. It is profoundly unhealthy, demoralizing, and destabilizing for a country when one racial group lags far behind the others, regardless of the reasons. Whatever policy proposals President Obama and Governor Romney bring to the 2012 presidential election, they need to determine how those policies can better integrate African Americans into the mainstream American experience. Race still matters far too much.


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Matthew J. Tuininga is the Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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