Presentation at Trinity URC, Caledonia, MI 7:30pm; and Carl Trueman’s endorsement of the two kingdoms doctrine

Today I’ll be giving a presentation on the Scriptural basis for the two kingdoms doctrine at Trinity United Reformed Church in Caledonia, Michigan (just outside Grand Rapids). Tomorrow vacation ends and I’ll be returning to something like regular blogging. Hopefully the presentation will be recorded, and I will put up a link to it at some point, as well as an electronic version of the paper on which it is based.

Carl Trueman has a very thoughtful reflection on Jason Stellman’s resignation from the Presbyterian Church in America on the Reformation21 blog. Trueman’s post provides an excellent perspective on the discussions over the two kingdoms doctrine and related matters of ecclesiology. As he notes, some people make Christianity all about ecclesiology and lose sight entirely of the gospel. To be sure, that does not make the two kingdoms doctrine less important to Reformed theology and practice. As Trueman puts it,

If high ecclesiology is important, then one might also say that Two Kingdoms theology too has some importance: it is a healthy means of avoiding the excesses of Christian America, Theonomy, and the various social gospels – left and right – out there. Moreover, it guards against the kind of elitist view of the Christian mind and calling that generates pastors of the performing arts but really offers nothing special to street sweepers and toilet cleaners.

The Gospel of Christ is what I try to keep central on this blog (hence my weekly Sunday posts), and I appreciate Trueman for his careful endorsement of the two kingdoms doctrine as well as for his wise and balanced assessment of its misuse. Trueman is a wise man.


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Matthew J. Tuininga is the Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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