When do Evangelicals make the news?

When a leading spokesman of the largest denomination criticizes the way in which prominent African American leaders have handled the Trayvon Martin shooting. When students complain that the largest college has invited a Mormon candidate for president to speak on its campus. When the pastor of the largest church draws more than 40,000 people to hear him speak largely because he packages a positive message without talking about sin or the Gospel.

Gospel believing churches, pastors, and individual Christians have to work so hard to get their simple message about Jesus Christ to the world. The mainstream media will not do it for us. Far too often we spend our time and energy focusing on the miniscule issues that divide our sub-traditions or on transforming America socially and politically rather than on proclaiming that message and witnessing to its power in our lives together. I hope (though I am not entirely optimistic), that most people can see the real drama through the clutter.

About Matthew J. Tuininga

Matthew J. Tuininga is the Assistant Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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